Should be repaired as soon as possible. After planting, convert to real. To prevent problems Should reserve seedlings for planting about 5% of the seedlings to grow. For the replacement of dead trees. Insect-destroying or abnormal plants. After planting, the seedlings were placed in a 18 x 24 inch black plastic bag. The seedlings were aged 14 x 20 months. The seedlings were planted in the same size as the seedlings in the field.

The repair is divided into two stages.
Planted after planting in the plots about 1 to 2 months to repair because of the impact on the transplant or the drought after severe.
Planting after repair 6 to 8 months should not exceed 1 year is to repair the seedlings are unusual, such as the shape of the tall, fast growing nature of the male.

Because palm oil is a perennial plant that is easy to grow. Grow and produce maximum yield Compared to other oil crops. Therefore, nutrients and water needs in large quantities to feed the stem of the leaves and the correct fertilizer management yield, thus increasing the yield to the target group of farmers is the highest profit. It is important to consider factors such as the amount of nutrients present in the soil, the type of fertilizer, the rate of fertilizer application, and the price of fertilizer for deficiency. Observe with the naked eye is a consideration for fertilizer.

The rate of palm oil application in each area varies. But the key is.
1. Put in the mechanic that the palm oil needs.
2. Put the palm oil roots to the maximum.
Fertilizer should be applied when the soil is sufficiently moist. Avoid putting on drought or heavy rains. In the first year after planting should be fertilized 4-5 times. From 2nd year onwards should be fertilized 3 times / year. The appropriate range of fertilizer application is the rain in the middle of rain and late. Rain from year 5 up may consider applying fertilizer twice a year if the environment is right.
Fertilizer (Recommended rate)
When divided into 3 times / year, it is recommended to use 50: 25: 25 in the rain, rain and rain.
When dividing into 2 times / year, use the ratio 60: 40 in the rain and rain in the order.
Early rainy season is about May? June
The middle of the rain is about July? September
Rainy season is around October? November

To prevent and control the growth of weeds. This includes soil erosion, soil restriction, and soil fertility. Farmers prefer to plant more cover crops in the oil palm plantations. Because no labor. And the time to care for mulch is like planting a plant. But if good care is lacking, it can be punished as well.
Legumes are grown in a palm plantation. The ratio should be about 1 kg / rai.
– Calopogon beans: Perraia beans: Centrosea beans, 1: 1: 1
– Pea beans: Centros beans come in 2: 3 ratio

To use blank
The empty palm is a large quantity of waste. And useful nutrients can be used as fertilizer or soil conditioners by using a blank palms as a mulching material. To prevent soil erosion It reduces the loss of moisture from the soil and is used as a plant nutrient. But how much benefit depends on the type of soil. And relative humidity conditions of that area. It can be used to remove the waste from the factory, leaving it for about a month and then spread around the base of the plant at a rate of 150-225 kg / plant / year. Combined with ammonium sulphate 2-5 kg ??/ tree / year, rock phosphate 0.7 kg / tree / year. And potassium chloride 1.5 kg / tree / year.

In areas where rainfall is less than 1,800 mm / yr and drought season lasts 3-5 months, additional water should be provided to increase the yield. However, the capital must be considered. For installation of water systems should consider the following.
– large area There is enough water. Drip Irrigation should be installed.
– Areas with more than enough water. Water sprinklers should be installed.

Necessary nutrients for palm oil.
Palm oil requires 16 essential nutrients like other plants. These are grouped according to the needs of the oil palm:
Group 1 is a large group. Or rather Compared to other crops, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and boron.
Group 2 is a group of plants derived from water and air, including carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Group 3 is a group that does not need much oil palm. And often do not show signs of food deficiency in the soil generally include calcium, sulfur, chlorine, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and iron.
However, palm oil needs the nutrients in the first group. Most of these 5 nutrients interact with each other. And influence the movement. This results in growth. And final palm oil yield.

Nitrogen affects leaf area, leaf color, leaf formation rate, new And nutrient uptake Therefore, it is necessary to provide enough nitrogen for the growth of oil palm trees. From start to age 6, Nitrogen deficiency Often found in oil palm plantations that are planted in shallow soils or soils with rapid drainage. Fix it by draining it first and then add nitrogen fertilizer accordingly. It is found in dense grassy areas at the base of the oil palm. Due to the reduction of nitrogen fixation of the oil palm.
Nitrogen input rate
In each locality, depending on age and productivity potential. And the relevant factors are soil type and climate. It is generally recommended to add nitrogen at a rate of 1.5-8.0 kg per plant per year in the form of ammonium sulphate.

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