Considerations for oil palm plantations
What is the key to starting a good oil palm plantation? Considering the climate? Soil condition? transportation? And very important? Is it a good choice? Have the correct maintenance

The optimal temperature for oil palm plantation is in the range of 20? 30? C? The amount of sunlight at least 5 hours a day? And relative humidity of the atmosphere in the average year is not less than 75%? The distribution of rainfall is approximately 1,800? 2,000? Millimeter per year? No drought condition over 3 months and no severe windstorms.

Space condition
Is the suitable soil condition is sticky clay to clay? Is the depth of the soil more than 75 centimeters thick? Good water? Groundwater depth of 75? 100? cm? High nutrition Is pH 4.0? 6.0 above sea level not more than 500 meters? Are there no slopes? 12% of flooded area Good to moderate drainage.

Transportation of palm oil to the plant is very important? Since it is necessary to send the oil palm into the palm oil mill quickly? (Should not exceed 24 hours) should palm oil palm plantation not more than 120 km away from the palm oil extraction plant? And transportation is convenient.

The recommended varieties for commercial use today are: Tenera? is a mixture of durian and pistachio. Using durian as a mother breed. And pistachio varieties Father Ternera has a thin shell (0.5? 4 mm) and has a weight gain of approximately 22? 25? Because of the characteristics of the Ternera is. * Some shellfish have oil from the outer shell than the durian about 25%, so often grown as a black color when the rind is cooked. Give high oil

Inheritance Of the Taurus
Good oil palm Will yield high Good quality, consistent throughout the year. Sell ??well Is needed by the factory
Low quality oil palm (Poor varieties)? Low quality seed or seedlings of palm oil It is possible to mix between breeders who did not pass the selection process. Or from breeding unregulated breeding? Such as seedlings germinated under the base.

Characteristics of varieties
The damage on low quality oil palm plantations is: ? The yield of fresh palm bunches decreases by 15-50% and the palm oil production decreases by 35-55%

Considerations to buy good oil palm.
1. Palm oil hybrids (DxP)
2. Buy from trusted sources. Official Certificate
3. Choose a complete, good appearance, no abnormal symptoms.
4. There are prerequisites for good and consistent yields.
5. Breeds Program (Breeding Program) clearly.
6. There are sources (sources) of reliable seed.
7. Palm oil seedlings should be aged or suitable to the needs of the farmers, such as if grown immediately should last 8-12 months if the seedlings are small to plant. Should buy a small bag that is 2 years old? 4 months.

Good oil palm plantation
Buying a good oil palm Consider the following:
1. Buy from the Department of Agriculture. Or from a company that the Department of Agriculture certifies as a reliable source of production.
2. Buy from distributors who have sources previously sold to government agencies. Or buy from a government-certified company.
3. Purchased from a vendor who has permanent plantations and plantations in a stable area, confirms that after-sale services or continuous purchase orders from farmers are available.
4. Buy from company Or palm oil traders Acting as a profession, with agricultural academics regulating academic correctness. And there is a written certification or quality assurance of palm oil varieties.
5. In cases where it is not possible to purchase in accordance with 1-4, ask your neighbor who grows a good-quality oil palm. Where to buy from? Then consider the observations in the selection of good oil palm.
6. Farmers should apply for a certificate of origin from the seller and collect a certificate of origin. As well as the collection of sales contracts or receipts as evidence.
However, farmers who wish to grow palm oil. Should be prepared in advance. While preparing the planting area should contact the oil palm to order to meet the time as needed.

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