Preparation area
Preparation of oil palm plantations since pioneering the area. Reconditioned areas, drainage, planting, planting and repair systems. In suitable plots and planted with good oil palm, oil palm can grow well. And continuous high yield.
Before oil palm plantation It should be prepared for at least 1 year and prepare space for the dry season for about a month. December – April By cutting and removing trees from the plot. Harvesting, tidying up the area, as well as building roads and drains.
Building roads and drains It is very necessary to manage. For use in operation, maintenance and storage. Should consider the following.
1. The main road is about 6 meters wide and should have 2 lines to 1 big plot, front and back of the plot. It should be about 1 kilometer away.
2. Road toll road from the main road. To transport agricultural materials and produce in oil palm plantations. The width of about 4 meters should be about 500 meters apart.
3. The drainage ditches are required for planting areas that are lowland and flooded.

There are 3 types of drainage ditches:
– drainage ditch in the plots made every row of oil palm.
– drainage joints Built parallel to the road into the plot. The connection between the drainage ditch in the plot with the large drainage groove.
– large drainage groove Build parallel to the main road. Get water from the drainage joint. Drainage to other water sources

Planting orientation
After preparation area The intersection and drainage. The planting. Considering the consistency with the drainage function, the slope of the area The direction of sunlight To get the most sunlight in the palm oil. To make the leaves have photosynthesis. Proper planting of oil palm is an important factor. If it is too far or too narrow, it will result in lower yields. Should plant oil palm triangles. Because the land is fully utilized. The main row is located in the north line, near the adjacent line, to the middle of the equilateral triangle. And 9 x 9 x 9 m spacing is the most popular, as all palm trees are very light and yield the most breakeven and most productive.

Growing season
The appropriate planting season for oil palm plantation is the early rainy season, from May to June. Should plant when the rain began to fall. Because the soil is moisture, so the seedlings have time to settle in the plots.
When planting and embroidered wood mark. Excavate the hole, width x length x depth = 45 x 45 x 35 cm, with a U shape, with a wooden spot at the center of the hole. To get a structured planting. Dig up upper and lower ground separately. When digging the hole should be dried for about 10 days before planting seedlings.
to plant
Proper planting will make good oil palm growth. And high yield Aging too young will result in disruption of growth and deterioration of the environment. For older seedlings, they will have an effect on growth. And fall slow and inconvenient to move sometimes can not use seedlings of the age as determined. We can fix it by If the seedlings are over 12 months old should cut some leaves. And be careful not to bruise roots from moving. Prior to planting, rock phosphate should be placed at a rate of 250 g per well and mixed with soil. To prevent direct contact of the roots. Then carefully remove the plastic bag from the oil palm tree. Will cause seedling growth. Carefully plant the seedlings and place them in the planting hole. Put the top soil down the hole and put the ground down. When the seedlings are placed in the hole, then compact the soil. The seedlings are planted at the same level as the original plot.

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